Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Part 1B: Scratch

Remember last post when I mentioned I had some trick training ADD? Well I interrupt this three part series on what I'm teaching Gaius to bring you another trick I just started. Mostly because I saw a tutorial on you tube the other day and couldn't resist. This is pretty much the cutest trick in the whole wide world. (I also may have left a prop for one of the next videos in Chester making it difficult to video tape)

I mean come on. If you have a small dog, after seeing that how can you not want to immediately teach your dog to scratch your back. So I have a video here of Gaius' FIRST training session, learning to scratch on command. This is good because I don't think I've posted a FIRST training session yet. so you can see in the video Gaius throws out a whole bunch of things he thinks I might be looking for but in the end we narrow it down to the behavior I want.

In other training news. We got into the Agility Show next month! I'm seriously shocked. I thought an indoor air conditioned show in the summer would really fill up fast but it looks like we will actually see the show ring this summer.

I forgot Gaius' date of birth on the form and had to email the poor trial secretary. So I not only hate filling out forms but also I'm also bad at it. Well at least the trial is in Maryland and away from everyone I know. That way, if I make a fool of myself no one will see.

I was pleased with how fast Gaius was in agility last night even in 95 degree weather (Even without a ballon because mom forgot to buy more). That gives me hope for the trial. :)

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