Thursday, June 10, 2010


So I'm being a good mommy and doing my homework. All of the toys have been put away except Stitch which I let him sleep with at night. I'll tell you something embarrassing... he loves that toy, like really loves it. As in late night Cinemax loves it. Its the only toy he humps. When he started this as a puppy I told him to stop once in front of my mom. She was appalled and told me not to 'stifle my dogs sexual expression'. What can you do? So he can have the Stich toy (Disney is going to sue me). I'd hate to be 'stifling'. But only before he goes to bed. The rest of the program stays intact. And you know, I think it has increased his tug drive slightly. And that's just in twenty four hours!

So this first video is of me playing the racing game with Gaius for his breakfast. Basically I'm doing my best to teach him that everything in life is a race. And to the victor go the spoils. And in time this should make him really fast in agility. (Fyi: ignore my messy apartment. I'm sure you guys will get used to seeing it).

I won the first two times but I think its hard for him to run on the tile. He skids which makes him slower. So now I try to only do the chase thing when he's on carpet or I throw the toy far enough for him to catch up on hard wood.

Class was a blast tonight. Though I looked a little silly with the balloon. Here's a video of our runs. It has commentary. (P.S. I got my flip camera so there should be tons of videos to come! Yay!). I missed our first few turns because I forgot I had brought the camera with me. So I hope you all enjoy watching me look silly. :) Enjoy my novice i-movie skills as well. Hopefully they will get better in time.

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Lorenza said...

I loved the videos!
Kisses and hugs