Monday, June 14, 2010


He loved the boat

Sorry I've missed the past few days, but I was gone because this weekend Gaius went on his first ever camping trip! It was lots of fun. we got a boat and he slept in a tent for the first time. All and all he was very well behaved I was very proud of him. But this blog is about training! so I've made a little video of the training I did with him outside on the trip. It was great to work outdoors, that's really what he needs to be faster.

We worked on recalls, which he was very slow at, but it was also very hot. We also did his racing game for sticks and played crate games with the tent (I'll do a whole post on crate games and how I've messed them up later).

Trying to catch ducks while pulling a boat behind him

I learned that he really likes marshmallows this trip. I also learned that he is a tick magnet! Shesh, I've removed over 50 ticks from him in the past two days. Poor thing broke both his stays in obedience class to itch tonight. But I think camping was worth it anyhow. He really loved it. Can't wait to go again. Maybe we'll do outdoor restrained recalls next time.

Gaius hanging out in my agility chair

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