Monday, January 31, 2011

Tricks to Teach After Pet Expo

So I have been thinking about dog tricks I want to teach Gaius after the pet expo, or tricks I want to perfect. But I thought I’d get organized an make a list so I can keep up with my progress. That way whenever I feel like I have nothing to train I can come back to this post.


Back up

-Heel Backwards

- Do backwards Figures 8s around my legs.

Go around me in a circle

- forwards

- backwards

Jump on Command

-Jump rope

-Hop to the side (into heel position)

Run through a hoop rolled on the ground

Nod Your Head Yes



Object discrimination (Hold up an object and ask your dog to pick the same out of a list of choices)

Two Dog Tricks

- Under

- Over

- Leap frog (Jump several dogs in a row)

-Weave between another dogs legs

- Sit in between another dogs front legs

- Circle another dog

- Ride another dog (Stand on it’s back)

- Kiss (Noses touch other dog) Would need a very tolerant partner

- There is a bunch of other stuff that could be done here.

Hide your head under a pillow

Dig the Ground on Command

Cross your paws while laying down (Legs may be too short for this)

Hold a Cookie on your nose without going for it (HA! I’ve tried to teach this several times and each time I sort of give up. He just doesn’t have that much self control)

Things we have been working on that need to be perfected

How embarrassed (Paw held over nose)

Mark (Lift his leg on something on command)


Lift and go through a hoop which is stationary on the ground.

Nod your head No

Caught your tail and spin

Blow bubbles in water

Here is a video that shows the object discrimination game I'm dieing to teach.There is a better one that describes the raining process with a standard black poodle I think, but for the life of me I can't find it on you tube. If you have the link PLEASE let me know. I'd really love to watch it again.

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Sandra said...

The two of you definitely have your work cut out for you, but the list gave me some great ideas for things I can do with my pups too. Sometimes when you're trying to think of new tricks you draw a blank so this was so helpful. Awesome!