Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All Quiet Here

Having a sleepy quiet winter

Hey guys!

I wish I had more to say, I would defiantly post more. Winter is the agility off season so I have no trials to speak about. Trick wise, I have a few new ones, most are difficult to self record, but mostly we have been working on cleaning up the ones we already know. Making them sharper and gaining distance and consistency of performance, at home and in new places. Cindy keeps telling me that distance isn't gained by training it directly. It's gained by building value for doing the work close in! I need that on my refrigerator or something to keep reminding me. I want to move to fast in training.

All this detail work is mainly because of the Pet Expo in February where Gauis will be doing a tricks demo in front of a crowd. He will also be participating in the agility demo. Come on down and see us if you are in the area :) I'll have someone record us this year and put it up here for you all to watch.

Here's a video of Gauis in the pet Expo last year. (Both in the obedience and agility demo)

This is the first time I have embedded through facebook. I changed the privacy settings to everyone so it should work. If it doesn't let me know and I'll try and get it on you tube.

We had just started learning weaves, so he really wasn't ready to do them, but bless his heart he tried. The obedience stuff made him nervous when he had to have his back to some kids and a bunch of strangers which is why he broke the stay, but other than that I remeber being really proud of him. It will be exciting to see how much progress he's made in a year!

No news on the foster front yet. We are still currently a single dog household. I will let you know when that changes. I think we are still getting Buckwheat but I'm not as sure. Rescue seems to change plans by the hour. We just try and roll with the punches.

In other news I am now an instructor at my local agility school teaching level 1 and level 2 agility. Just the basic stuff. How to go through a tunnel and chute, start line stays, the beginning of front and rear crosses. It is so strange that only a year and a bit ago I was just starting to learn this stuff and now people are confident enough to let me teach! Almost all of my students have really big dogs too which I don't have much experience with (Though I guess anything is big compared with ten pounds). But the principles of training are the same I guess.

Gauis was a lovely demo dog and worked really well despite all the new dogs and people. He wasn't such a fan of hanging out in the crate while I taught though and whined a bit and once got to come see me which he NEVER does (I usually leave his crate door open because he knows not to come out unless released. g-d bless crate games). I think he'll get used to it though.

We have an agility trial coming up in February and one in March. I'll keep you all up to date on the status of our agility career. Especially that last Jumpers with Weaves Q we need to finish up Novice. I hope he gets it in February before he turns three. That would be a nice birthday present.

Earth dog trials won't be until the spring, but will be his first time in Senior (Sean hasn't practiced recalls with him at all though so I'm not holding out much hope for qualifying) but he'll love it either way.

I guess I need to get on the stick about his obedience. I'm still nervous about his stand for examinations. I just need to flood him with new folks until he's totally comfortable. Our weekly trips to Stony Point and class on Monday's might not be enough. I should find some obediance trails to crash in my area and just get everyone there to put their hands on him. It's such a boomer to know that we're really ready to compete in open if I could just get him to tolerate strangers for a few seconds.


Sandra said...

We will be rooting for Gauis and can't wait to see his performance in February. Good times!

Flash, Alven and Dottie

Chelsea and Wilson said...

There's something about running doxie's that is just too cute for words, I'm sure you get sick of me saying this but Gauis is adorable. Wish I had the patience and time to get Wilson to even a 3rd of what Gauis is at training wise!

Anyhow good luck buddies!

Elizabeth said...

It is a lot of patience I'll admit, but it really isn't as big a time commitment as it seems. Just like anything you have to practice every day is all.

If you take 15 minutes every day (Broken into 2-3minute chunks) to train your pup they can easily accomplish what I've done in a year or so.

T.V. shows are perfect for this. I keep a container of treats by the T.V. with a clicker. Any time I turn it on I grab the container and clicker. As soon as a commercial comes on that's training time. When the commercial ends it's over. (Which is good because it keeps you from over working your dog). If you watch an hour of T.V. that's what? At least 5 training sessions done!

Or instead of just tossing the food bowl down, hand feed your dog his food. Make him work for every little handful. Even if all you ask for is sits and downs. It takes some extra time but it's worth it. It teaches your pup that things aren't free, and that you control what's rewarding in his environment. And it's also a game that they are playing with you. It's quality time for just 3 or 4 minutes extra in the morning and at night.

Texas The Doxie said...

Good Luck! Be careful with the flooding don't want to send him in the opposite direction..as I'm sure you know!

- Erin

Elizabeth said...

Yeah I know. That wasn't quite what I meant actually. It was poorly worded on my part.

I just think that I need people who know what a stand for examination is doing it. I quick pat along his back and that's it, then they leave. When I take him to stony point the folk from off the street just over do it. Too much at once.

If I can get him to tolerate the touching in a situational sense, as in (the stand for examination set up) it will be easier than teaching him to tolerate all touching all the time. Which might be years off.