Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pet Expo

Well here's the update on this years Henrico Pet Expo. Gauis participated in both the agility demo and the tricks demo. He was quite a hit with the crowd during the tricks demo, being the only small dog to participate. The picture above shows him jumping over Lindie a black and tan lab as the two dog trick finale. Sean was sweet enough to make this video that shows some of the highlights of the day.

He did really well with the crowd. I was pleased. He was distracted once when a little girl in the audience leaned through the ropes to stare right at the weave pole entry, but on the third attempt he was able to ignore her and do his poles. And he never barked just distractedly wandered in her direction. I think I really cleaned up my tricks for this event. Perfecting a trick isn't as fun as initially teaching it, but it's an important skill to practice and an audience certainly helps add incentives to do so. It'll be nice to be able to teach new things again though. Three day agility trial this weekend, wish us luck!


shortoldlady said...

What a fantastic job! Kudos & lots of treats for a job well done. Loved the chorus line and the skill involved in rolling the spool!

Texas The Doxie said...

Woohoo! Good job Gaius!

Sandra said...

That was totally awesome! You both did an amazing job. Congrats!