Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stony Point: Part I

One of my favorite places in Richmond to train is Stony Point Fashion Park, a local dog friendly mall.

Sorry for the fuzziness, I have the cheapest camera Target sells! Which means 10 blurry pictures to every one good picture.

I'd say about 75% of the stores allow dogs. Which is just an amazing training opportunity. Not only for obedience, but for socialization of new puppies. And for the training of service and therapy dogs. All you have to do is look for the little puppy sticker in the window.

I think the dog on the sign looks like a dachshund. Don't you? They also have stores that only allow small dogs, but that doesn't effect us here any.

The place even has all of these cute dog statues everywhere (You might remember them from Gauis' short movie Play?)

If I can't take a picture of a still dog that isn't blurry! What hope do I have with moving dogs?

Gauis and I head to Stony Point every Friday to work on Obedience training (more on that later). It's really a lovely mall, but defiantly a bit to pricey for me. Window shopping is the name of the game at Stony Point. College students and Saks Fifth Avenue just don't go hand and hand. The major shopping demographic at this mall is old rich ladies and trophy wives.

But today I was on another mission. No obedience training involved. I was on the get Snickers a forever home mission. So her and I trudged off to the mall with a pocket full of left over turkey and a handful of home made business cards that I made for her. And talked to folks.

I was hoping to really talk to costumers but my greatest success was with the store employees. They just loved her. She was a super good girl and let everyone pet her (It will be a cold day in hell before Gauis is that friendly with strangers. She shows me daily what a long way I have to go with him). She even let children pet her. I think she's very used to them. I was also planing on working on loss lead walking with her. She dose pull a bit. But in the end I sort of gave up and decided the meet and great was more important. I mean she's 10 and only 15 pounds (might be 14 now, she's lost a bunch of weight which pleases me.). She also not TERRIBLE on a leash, just not up to the standards I hold Gauis too (But I try not to let him pull EVER). I figure I'll just let her pull a bit on her harness, she's so well behaved on everything else. Maybe something to work on later.

She is by far the hardest dog to take a picture of, this was the best out of 20 pictures!

I got a bunch of people to take the cards at least. So we'll see if anything comes of this trip. Defiantly going to make the Thursday Stony Point excursion a habit with my foster dogs. The place is a gold mine :)

Snickers says "Leave him in there!"

Gauis however was not so happy with this little trip. Usually the evening jaunt is reserved for Gauis and mommy alone time. No foster dogs allowed (Snickers barks when kept in a crate during class, so she usually spends the time at home so I don't annoy everyone). Today when I put him in the room and put a leash on Snickers he threw a fit. This was his special quality time gosh darn it! I just leave the puppy gate up when I leave but when we got home he had slammed the door as well in protest (Serves me right for teaching him to close doors). We are currently not on speaking terms, but he'll get his weekly Stony Point trip tomorrow.


Johann The Dog said...

Wow, that looks like a pawsome place to visit and train!!! Very cool!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Very cool place! We don't have anything like that near me in Georgia.... that I know of.

Texas The Doxie said...

Hmm I thinks my mommy needs to teach me to shut doors!!!