Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dachshund Underground Railroad

Sean waiting to pick up our charges

So today we helped transport dachshunds from the South to the North to their new homes or foster homes. Much like the show Last Chance Highway. Only the all dachshund addition, and with less make-up and southern bell charm.

This is the pizza hut were we picked up the pups.

You see there are a lot more homeless dogs in the South than the North and because of that it's much easier to get animals adopted up there. That means someone has to haul their waging tails in a northwardly direction. So we all try to pitch in where we can.

This is CoCo, he whined the entire drive. Maybe it's because he's a boy
and someone named him CoCo! Come on, that's a girls name!

Actually this is our very first time doing transport. But it was only an hour and a half up and the same back. So three hours total wasn't bad. Then the pups were given to their next care taker for the next leg of their journey.

This is Jiggs, a totally beautiful piebald that PULLS on the leash.

Man these pups needed a bath though. My car smells like dog now. Which I guess is a funny thing to say since I have a dog. But he gets a bath like twice a month so he doesn't really have that...smell... you know what smell I'm talking about. I mean you get in close and it's there. But not stink up my car bad. These guys... smelled like they hadn't had baths in years.

This is Frankie, he's the only one that didn't come with a bunch of stuff because he was
right out of a shelter. He was scheduled to die today. He is also heart worm positive.

These dogs are headed to New York and New Jersey. In fact as I post this they are still on the road. It'll be a long day for them. I can't imagine how stressful this all must be. Under the circumstances they were all very well behaved.

This is Mr. Johnson. Seriously!?! Who names a wiener dog that. They aren't silly
enough without a name like that? Mr. Johnson also barked the whole ride up.

When we dropped these suckers off we were there on a second mission as well.

My van chalked full with crates. I looked like one of the 'hardcore' people at an
agility trial with my thirty dogs stuffed in a big van :)

A mission that will have a huge effect on the content of this blog for the next few months.

The next person we dropped them off to had a tiny little four door sedan and she still
managed to stick all four crates in there. I was super impressed hence the picture.

-Let's the suspense build-

bye bye little dachshunds, good luck in the North! Eat lots of real NY pizza for me!

We picked up our new permanent foster dog! (Well as permanent as foster dogs get). But more on her later ;)


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Such a great idea to move dogs from high supply areas and high demand areas. I'm disappointed that might state, Georgia, is definitely part of the problem :-(.

Elizabeth said...

Hey I feel you. Virgina is defiantly puppy mill country.

Hannalei said...

That is wonderful that you helped transport those babies!!!! :)