Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trick Title

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So I found something interesting while goofing of around the internet. You can earn Trick Dog Titles! Apparently the writer of 101 Dog Tricks gives out titles if you are able to complete a certain number of tricks at certain levels. I took a peek at the requirements and Gaius already knows most of this stuff. So I'm thinking, hey why not. I'll just have to teach him a few new things and we should be set!

Now I proubably won't send in to get an ACTUAL trick title. Because it sounds like I'm just sending $80 off to some random person so she can print me a certificate using Microsoft office. Maybe I'd find the money if it was the AKC's trick title. But that doesn't mean I can't complete the check list.

Below is a list of the tricks required for each level and Gaius' status as far as being able to complete them. Now the instructions say that you can reuse a trick from a higher level for your easier trick title levels... but that seems lame. So I'm not going to do that. Each level of tricks should be original. Purple are things I need to teach, Red are things I've worked on but need perfecting.

Novice Trick Dog Title (The dog must be able to complete 15 tricks at a novice level)
  1. Come/Recall (Gaius knows this)
  2. Down (Gaius knows this)
  3. Drop it (Gaius knows this)
  4. Doggie Push-ups [This means the ability to do sit down stand in a quick sequence) (Gaius knows this)
  5. Take it (Gaius knows this)
  6. Hoop Jump (I can teach this in an afternoon.... I need to buy a hula hoop...)
  7. Jump over a bar (Gaius knows this...you've seen the agility tape)
  8. Kennel up (Gaius knows this)
  9. Place/Return to Heel Position (Gaius knows this)
  10. Shake (Gaius knows this)
  11. Sit (Gaius knows this)
  12. Spin (Gaius knows this)
  13. Stay (Gaius knows this)
  14. Touch my Hand (Gaius knows this)
  15. Tunnel (Gaius knows this)
Intermediate Trick Dog Title (The dog must be able to complete 15 tricks at an intermediate level)
  1. Carry my purse (Gaius knows this... we practiced this on the fourth of July, more on that to come)
  2. Fetch Food Dish (Gaius knows this)
  3. Food refusal (Gaius knows this)
  4. Head Down (Gaius knows this)
  5. Jump throw my Arms (... we're practicing this. He currently thinks it means throw myself at mom's arms....)
  6. Moonwalk (Gaius knows this)
  7. Roll Over (Gaius knows this)
  8. Sit Pretty (Gaius knows this)
  9. Teeter Totter (Gaius knows this)
  10. Tidy up Toys (Needs some practice, but I've worked on this with him before. It shouldn't take long to perfect)
  11. Wave Goodbye (Gaius knows this)
  12. Which hand holds the Treat (I need to teach this)
  13. Scratch my Back (This is my extra trick that I'm using to count as an intermediate trick)
  14. Heel Forward (Gaius knows this)
  15. Pick a Card from the Deck (I need to teach this)
Advanced Trick Dog (Dog must complete five advanced level tricks)
  1. Play Dead (Gaius knows this.... but I have to look at her rules. He doesn't put his head all the way down so it might not count)
  2. Play the Piano/ Type on the Keyboard (I've been DIEING to teach this trick)
  3. Baton Jumping (Like the hoop Jump this will take an afternoon)
  4. Close a Door (I just taught Gaius this!)
  5. Double Hoop Sequence (I need to look at the book to see what this is... But I bet it's not that bad)
Expert Trick Dog (Dog must complete five expert level tricks)
  1. Bring me a tissue (This shouldn't take long to teach)
  2. Ring Toss (This is proubably my biggest challenge... I've been working on this one but Gaius sucks at it... I mean just sucks. He's just not a detail oriented, gentle enough pup for it. This takes tactile skill and patience. Gaius is just a fan of smacking things into each other until it works. We'll get there)
  3. Weave Pole (Gaius knows this)
  4. Roll Yourself in a Blanket (Gaius knows this. This was actually sort of tricky to teach.)
  5. Bring me a Beer from the Fridge (I've been working diligently on this all week. Seriously. Right now he can open the fridge if I hand him the tug tied to the handle, but not if he picks up the tug by himself. He can retrieve an object from the fridge. And he can close the fridge by himself. So I just need to work on chaining those actions, ironing out any rough bits, and getting some distance. In other news Gaius can not lift a bottle of beer by himself. Ok he can but its really hard and I'm afraid he'll drop the bottle on the way out of the fridge and then there will be broken glass and shit. So I'm going to teach him to retrieve one of those little liquor bottles you can get from the ABC store instead. I'm sure that still counts)
So those are the tricks from the list I've chosen to teach. Not to bad, it I just have to teach seven tricks and iron out four. When I'm all done I'll make a video and post it :) To be honest I had some trouble picking from her list, trying to find enough tricks in each category I could conceivable do. It was a very big dog biases list. I mean half the stuff was things like, teach your dog to turn on a light switch... yeah right. I'm going to teach my ten pound dachshund to reach a light switch. Look, no amount of clicker training will make him grow four feet higher. Or, jump over my back hahaha. I think I should write this lady and tell her to make it fair she needs more little dog tricks in her titles. Oh well, she has Weimaraners, she doesn't understand the blight of teaching complete tricks to a dog inch tall legs. Anyhow, I'll keep you apprised of my progress!

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